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July 2, 2018

Fresh Picks from the International Footwear Fashion Scene.

Posted at 2:10 PM

FN PLATFORM is your chance to connect with leading footwear brands hand selected from around the world.
Discover Men's, Women's, Children's and On-Trend footwear from these countries:

Australia · Austria · Brazil · Canada · Colombia · France · Germany · Greece · Hong Kong
India · Israel · Italy · Japan · Korea · Mexico · New Zealand · Portugal · Romania · Spain · Switzerland · Turkey · U.K

Preview some of the footwear brands that are leading the international fashion scene below and get ready to shop FN PLATFORM this August 13-15 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  

Avaracas USA


Country of Origin: Spain  spain flag  

Avarcas (also known as abarcas and Menorquinas) are a traditional footwear of Menorca, Spain. Menorca is the second largest island of the Balearic Islands, located in the Mediterranean. The first avarcas were created over a century ago for farmers working its arid land. Crafted from all-natural leather and recycled tires, they were designed to keep farmers’ feet dry, comfortable, and protected. Pons Classic style most closely resembles these earliest avarcas. The eco-friendly style has a sole made exclusively from recycled tires. All Pons avarcas – for women, men, and children– pay homage to the authentic Menorcan avarca while serving as a go-to accessory to all those who love enduring style.




Carrano Brazil

Country of Origin: Brazil  Brazil Flag

Carrano explores new alternative materials and boasts a color palette ranging from glossy to matte. The brand also offers the leading trends for next seasons, with the cool look of sock boots, extra pointy toes, the opulence of sequins, combat boots full of attitude, and a permanent line of pumps heels with a range of different heels and uppers. 


Shoe The Bear 

Shoe The Bear - UK

Country of Origin: U.K  U.K Flag

Shoe the Bear began in 2007 with founders Thomas Frederiksen and Jakob Fuglsang fusing street art with canvas sneakers. Through rough and tumble, a strategy formed to design and manufacture fashionable, yet comfortable Men’s and Women’s footwear to an international and style-conscious clientele. Today, the brand is a frontrunner for Scandinavian fashion footwear. it is sold and showcased by prestigious retailers from Iceland to Israel over North America to Japan.





Country of Origin: Brazil  Brazil Flag

Vicenza offers contemporary and on-trend styles for women. Each pair is crafted to inspire the women who wear them.



Carlos Santos

carlos santos - Brazil

Country of Origin: Portugal  Portugal

Established in 1942, Carlos Santos is based in the North of Portugal and has a long experience creating innovative footwear for men. The brands is one of the few Portuguese companies that practices the Goodyear Welted system, a manual technique in which machines play a secondary role. The inspiration behind Carlos Santos derives from a man’s social to casual lifestyle, with the belief that shoes comes from those who wear them. 





Country of Origin: Turkey  turkey flag

Designed and Manufactured in Turkey, Sigotto provides a range of diverse and high-quality footwear for the modern man. 





Country of Origin: Brazil  Brazil Flag

Bibi was founded in 1949 in the city of Parobé, in Rio Grande do Sul, always focusing on the development of innovative and technological products for children. The brand is a pioneer in the realization of scientific research in search of the creation of the ideal footwear for each phase of the child, always defending the well-being and understanding its needs and respecting the process of natural growth of the feet. Bibi has also developed a project that places its entire supply chain and production within the main international standards for toxic substances, making their products safe and allergy free. 




Klin - turkey

Country of Origin: Brazil  Brazil Flag

Klin is a brand of children's footwear that has been in the market for almost 30 years and is present in 60 countries. Always concerned with the comfort and quality of its products, Klin has established itself as a leader in the production and sale of children's footwear in Brazil.




Minimen brazil

Country of Origin: Turkey  turkey flag

Minimen produces products that are designed specifically for the rapidly growing feet of children. Varying from orthopedic to soft materials and active footwear, the brand offers modern and unique styles that will allow little ones to run around in comfort and style.



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