July 17 2018

Press | This Vintage Versace Sale At COTERIE Miami Is Going To Be Epic

Miami Swim Week officially starts tomorrow, but the action isn’t only reserved for the runway. Coterie is setting up a pop-up at the Faena Bazaar to give attendees a new shopping experience,...
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July 16 2018

What They're Saying about NY Women's June

People are talking about [PRE] COTERIE, FAME, MODA and ACCESSORIES THE SHOW from June. See what they’re saying, and check out the celebs, fashion and trends, all right here.

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July 16 2018


WWDMAGIC | Brands to Watch

WWDMAGIC is home to the largest selection of women's apparel and accessories in the fashion industry.
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July 16 2018



PROJECT and Parsons School of Fashion are partnering up to bring the next generation of menswear designers to the forefront.
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