June 11 2018


New Brands to Watch with Shawn Hazan | STITCH @ PROJECT WOMENS

Shawn Hazan, Brand Director is giving us his insights into his must see ready-to-wear women's designers and accessories brands on the STITCH @ PROJECT WOMENS show floor. 
Posted at 12:08 PM
June 6 2018


New textile and design destinations to explore at SOURCING at MAGIC | August 2018

Are you a designer looking to source new textiles and innovative technologies? SOURCING AT MAGIC has you covered. Learn more about "The Fabric Zone" and "The Denim District", two new show areas to...
Posted at 5:45 PM
June 5 2018


Introducing CURATE @ CHILDREN'S CLUB, the new epicenter for elevated children’s collections.

CURATE @ CHILDREN'S CLUB will now be the prime destination for retailers to connect with the most innovative designers in contemporary children’s fashion. 
Posted at 8:06 PM
June 5 2018


Denim in the Spotlight: NY Men's and Women's | July 2018

As the leading destination for premium denim, PROJECT and PROJECT WOMENS join forces this July to bring you the most influential denim brands in the industry. Denim insider RIVET Magazine learns why...
Posted at 4:23 PM