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October 5, 2017


Posted at 10:25 AM


POOLTRADESHOW brings a different perspective to the tradeshow circuit, one of originality and craftsmanship. It’s all rooted in the quirky and unique aesthetic of the independent designers that are part of the POOL family. VIBES is a show floor area, curated by the POOLTRADESHOW team, that illustrates to makers, buyers, and artists what we're all about. 


It all started in New York, with an area on the floor designated to showcase how to best merchandise POOLTRADESHOW’s unique brands. Each day the space featured mannequins and displays for different POOL brands to show their creations.  Think Instagram-worthy, plants galore, and all things POOLTRADESHOW wrapped into one corner.


We stepped up our game big time for POOLTRADESHOW Las Vegas. Clad with custom wood installations, two fully merchandised corners, and more, VIBES was the heart of POOLTRADESHOW. The POOL team made sure there was something scheduled for all times of day. We had DIY tutorials from our favorite POOL brands, like Noral Collections and Giving Bracelets. And let’s not forget the live performance by Kristine Mirelle, and happy hour with a line that went the length of the POOLTRADESHOW aisle. VIBES was where makers, exhibitors, and buyers gathered to meet with one another to see all the inspiration around them. 


Designed to perfectly represented the "work hard, play hard” spirit that POOLTRADESHOW is all about, VIBES did not disappoint. Look out for more from VIBES at POOLTRADESHOW Las Vegas.

Register here to attend POOLTRADESHOW Las Vegas February 12-14, 2018!