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November 7, 2017

SWIMLESSONS Sessions: Retail & Wholesale

Posted at 10:15 AM


UBM SWIMLESSONS is a semi-annual event curated by UBM Fashion to bring exhibitors, retailers, and the community valuable insights into the current landscape in the fashion industry. Find out more about SWIMLESSONS here.

Anna Ward, Director of Excellence at Artists & Fleas, and Stephanie Black, Brooklyn Market Manager at Artists & Fleas, discussed the importance of both retail and wholesale when dealing with fashion brands.

The presentation highlighted the importance of community with Anna Ward saying, “We really believe that co-retail is the way of the future…Look for support in your community, in your people. Don’t go alone. Look and ask for help.”

Another topic tackled by the duo from Artists & Fleas was the importance of being present in both retail and wholesale. These multiple touch points can make your brand seem more global, yet personal at the same time.  Ward summarized this best by saying, “Two channels, having retail and wholesale, mean you can have exponential reach.”

Concluding the presentation, Black discussed the most important tips for a successful show.  Detailing several factors that contribute to creating a strong connection with the customer, she suggested walking a show before committing, diversifying merchandise, and most importantly, utilizing the community that is present.