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July 12, 2018

Sourcing Trend Direction | Fall-Winter 2019-2020: Oracle

Posted at 5:46 PM

Leading trend forecaster, Fashion Snoops, takes you through the biggest culture and trend directions for Fall-Winter 2019-2020, such as: Oracle.
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Oracle: Main Image


In our FW 19/20 Visionary trend Oracle, we take a step into a seductive new world where mystery and a sense of foreboding luxury create an alluring underworld. Darkness and a whisper of the unknown inspire a rich complexity that elevates the beauty of high-end fashion and design, and the nuances of the natural world invoke a new sense of reverence. Notions of groupthink underscore this trend with a new approach at uniform dressing and elevated basics. Music and style icons like Michele Lamy and Karin Dreije demonstrate how mystical, feminine power can evoke compelling forms and textures that tap into our primal beings and take us further into the depths of consciousness.

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Oracle: Pursuit of Happiness Trend

This cultural trend explores how the global community is redefining what success means by challenging the traditional routes taken to get there.

The flexibility of freelance culture and the idea of access over ownership contribute to the romance of a nomadic life.

We are seeking rest and deeper life meaning during our vacations; off the grid travel, retreats, and shared experiences are in demand.

There is also a dawning of consciousness emerging in the workforce.



Pursuit of Happiness: Key Trend Takeaways



Pursuit of Happiness: Trend Colors and Combos - 1


Pursuit of Happiness: Trend Colors and Combos - 2



The material stories within Oracle forgo simple forms for elevated configurations that are reminiscent of the mystical underworld. Refinement is found in floral satins and waxed furs while unconventional beauty is cherished in decayed leather and unraveled knits. The Structure is key, as crafted wovens and pressed materials form with dark complexity in new and alluring shapes.

From Left to Right: Crafted Wovens | Rose Petal Satin | Pressed Materials | Candle Waxed Fur 

Pursuit of Happiness: Key Materials - 1Pursuit of Happiness: Key Materials - 2

From Left to Right: Surface Glaze | Doe Fuzz | Gauze Overlay | Leather Decay 




Interpretations from the past and future collide to bring divinations of tangible energies, collective empowerments, sacred spaces and profoundly alluring textures within the Oracle presence. Tempting images of feminine mystique and seductive flesh bring powerful yet possessive impacts for placement designs with captivating intensity, while visions of ravishing crystals show off high dimensional brilliance. Organic and natural elements found in animal and botanical creations inspire a deeper connection with Mother Nature and their symbolic perceptions in spirituality.

From Left to Right: Mystic Etchings | Intuitive Energy | Sumptuous Seduction | Natural Fragments 

Pursuit of Happiness: Key Trend Materials - 1Pursuit of Happiness: Key Trend Materials - 2

From Left to Right: Crystal Energy | Forest Beams | Ceremonial Still Life | Marbalized Alchemy 


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