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June 19, 2018

Sourcing Trend Direction | Fall-Winter 2019-2020: New World

Posted at 4:48 PM

Leading trend forecaster, Fashion Snoops, takes you through the biggest culture and trend directions for Fall-Winter 2019-2020, such as: New World.
Explore the colors, materials, patterns & graphics here.

FW19-20 Trend Direction: New World

In our FW 19/20 Visionary, New World, recent scientific discoveries ignite a new curiosity in design and inspire unconventional solutions for humanity to interact and sustain the natural world. Technological innovations continue to drive progressive ideas with renewables and sustainability practices. The fluctuations of our world’s climate informs a new fascination with rising oceans, and we seek to learn more about its ecosystem. As we dive deeper into our world, we continue to venture beyond the boundaries of the planet with awe inspiring space discoveries that remind us that we may not be as alone in the universe as we once thought. 


Colors      |      Materials      |      Patterns & Graphics

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Derived from Macro-Trend:
Life 3.0

FW19-20 Trend Direction: New World

Life 3.0 is not a science fiction conversation, it is the conversation of today

The impact of robotics in all forms will likely be the most important agent of change in the 21st century, transforming our economy, culture, politics, and the self

Early adopters of IoT have already demonstrated how smart homes, vehicles, and AI companions improve our daily lives, anticipating our needs by learning our habits

Concern for online privacy/ protection is growing with the massive volumes of data we share online and in the cloud 


Key Takeaways

FW19-20 Trend Direction: New World


Color + Combos

FW19-20 Trend Direction: New World

FW19-20 Trend Direction: New World



New World explores otherworldly materials that deepen our connection to the environment and beyond. We imagine a world ruled by exploration. One where nature blends with new technologies and where materials are revered for their innovation and adaptability. Soft textures blend the artificial with the organic, in reflective finishes, glazed insulation, and biomorphic knits. While structural surfaces are built upon geode formations, precious metals, and glass. 

From the left: Glazed Insulation, Tufted Overflow, Biomorphic Knit & Neo Lacework

FW19-20 Trend Direction: New World  FW19-20 Trend Direction: New World


FW19-20 Trend Direction: New World   FW19-20 Trend Direction: New World

From the left: Layered Ecology, Eco Suede, Reflective Ore & Space Geode


Patterns & Graphics

Swirling luminosities, microscopic details and futuristic linear patterns envision an emerging existence in the futuristic utopia of the New World. Glowing illuminations carry expression through vibrant motion and highlight contrasting depths with enhanced nature. The surface etchings mimic markings of an unaccustomed terrain longing for human exploration and evoke an ethereal, otherworldly environment that create a new pattern of striped organic dimension. 

From the left: Mix & Swirl, Layered Air, Inflorescence & Electric Waves

FW19-20 Trend Direction: New World FW19-20 Trend Direction: New World

FW19-20 Trend Direction: New World FW19-20 Trend Direction: New World

From the left: Hyper Growth, Chroma Melt, Supernatural Terrain & Hyperbolic Texture



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