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December 6, 2017


Posted at 4:15 PM

We're back highlighting some of our favorite retailers attending FN PLATFORM this season! Up next, we have Shoe Be Do, a one-of-a-kind fashion and footwear retailer proudly based out of New Orleans. We had the pleasure of speaking with the owner and founder, Andre Noujaim, about everything from how he's survived the ever-changing retail market to what makes Shoe Be Do so unique. Read on and enjoy!


Hi Andre, thanks for taking the time to speak with FN PLATFORM! Let's jump right in...Can you tell us a little bit about the background of the store? When and why was the company founded? And on what ethos?

[I] founded Shoe Be Do in 2009. I’d had other stores in New Jersey and Georgia, but ultimately fell in love with the culture and lifestyle of New Orleans.

At Shoe Be Do, we aspire to show women their full potential by presenting them with a variety of selections and designs they’ve never seen.

Anything you wish you had known then that you know now?

When we began in New Orleans we played it safe by sticking primarily to basics in black and brown. We wish we knew then just how far we could push the envelope and how much women craved creativity.

What can customers find at your store that they can’t find elsewhere - what sets you apart from other retailers?

I hear every day, “I’ve never seen shoes like this!” We were the first in the US to carry the unique Mojito shoe by Julian Hakes. We also carry many brands that are not easy to find elsewhere such as United Nude from Holland, Altura Siete from Mexico, and the new Papucei brand from Romania. Also, some of our brands like Zeyzani from Turkey make true one of a kind shoes where every pair is unique.


What are some of your best sellers?

United Nude is always a great seller. I always tell my customers that it’s easy to be unique but not easy to be unique and classy. United Nude pulls off both splendidly. Kat Maconie, a designer from England, is a brand that creates shoes that are both fashionable and comfortable. Also, Spring Step is an amazing comfort standby that seems to get more and more fashionable with each passing season.

Can you talk to us about a change in the retail landscape that has affected your business, and how you’ve worked to combat it?

Our biggest competition is online vendors. Over the years, more and more people shop online. We’ve been not only working hard to develop our own online presence, but continue to make sure our products are unique. By having unique and elusive products, we’ve really created a niche for ourselves. Why would you shop with us if you can find our products at any major retailer? We also cultivate a friendly and creative shopping environment both through our employees and on social media.

What trends are you looking forward to shopping at FN PLATFORM this season?

We are always just excited to see what new designers have created. We go in with an open mind. We hope to see the trend of colorful shoes continue, however; because they are so cheerful, and of course, because life is too short for boring shoes.


There you have it! Be sure to follow Shoe Be Do on social and stay tuned to our Facebook for more updates as we inch closer to showtime!

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