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July 17, 2017

RETAIL SPOTLIGHT: Hanig's Footwear

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Can you tell us a little bit about the background and history of the store?

1. Our business was started in 1944 by my grandfather Irving Hanig. My father Peter Hanig has been involved in the shoe business for over 40 years and running our company since the early 90's, and I am the 3rd generation in our business. Our stores have evolved throughout the years; from the nation's first Johnston & Murphy store in the 1950's, to shop-in-shops within department stores, to our current multi-brand shops. Currently we focus on European comfort/fashion designers that are high quality and unique to the marketplace.

In your opinion, what sets you apart from other retailers in your area?

2. I believe it's because of our product and our people. Our sales team is one of the best I've seen in our industry and provide a curated experience for our customer, be it helping them to design their own custom styles or suggesting styles that fit their feet and personal style best. We are constantly exploring the world to find the most innovative, unique, and fashionable footwear. We would prefer to set the trends and lead the customer, instead of simply following trendy styles and potentially a race to the bottom for price.

Any personal favorite footwear brands? What are some of the brands you love to carry?

3. We are big supporters of Thierry Rabotin. The fact that Thierry has been personally designing each season's collection for over 20 years is an incredible feat. In addition, their factory comes up with new and unique lasts, materials, and concepts year after year; they are truly unique in an increasingly bottom line driven world.

Store Facade

Can you talk to us about any change you’ve experienced in the retail landscape that has affected your business, and how you’ve worked to combat it?

4. The biggest change I've seen since I joined the company a decade ago is the growth of the internet (specifically Amazon) and how that has totally reshaped how the customer purchases his or her shoes. We understood we had to stand apart in the retail landscape by introducing new designers that cannot be easily found online a number of years ago, and are increasingly convinced it is one of keys to surviving our current economy.

What brands do you look forward to seeing at FN PLATFORM?

5. We are excited to see many designers, including Thierry Rabotin, Samuel Hubbard, Beautifeel, and many more.

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Thierry Rabotin