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July 16, 2018


Posted at 9:58 AM


PROJECT and Parsons School of Fashion are partnering up once again to bring the next generation of menswear designers to the forefront. Next in Class gives recent Parsons graduates an unparalleled platform to showcase their notable designs to the best retailers and press in the industry. Attendees can look forward to seeing the works of Anne Li, Neil Grotzinger (NIHL), Ru Jin Tsai, and Jeongmin Cho on the PROJECT show floor. Get to know these young designers here, and shop them exclusively at PROJECT New York this season. 





Anne Li

Brackish Bowties Instagram

SANCT is a commentary on Anne Li’s views of cultural acceptance of self. Li’s SS19 collection was designed to portray a message of bicultural confusion; a statement of balance between two different nationalities and the importance of creating your own version of identity by choosing elements from each culture.





Jeongmin Cho

Brackish Bowties Instagram

One Being as Twins and Two Different Beings as Man and Woman.

Blurring the lines between man and woman, Jeongmin Cho's collection is noted for it's genderless designs. The idea behind the fluid collection was first conceptualized during Cho's thesis research based on her life experiences and relationship with her twin brother. 





Brackish Bowties Instagram

NIHL’s Spring 2019 collection derives its inspiration from male figures throughout history that build their reputation out of a fictitious sense of supremacy. Through various textile manipulations and couture embroidery techniques, the collection taps into a grey area that challenges what it means to be male. It explores qualities of borderline ephemerality and downright queerness, yet still maintains its reference to masculine culture.





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Ru Jin Tsai's collection was designed to make the invisible visible. Each garment reveals documentation of the clothing manufacturing process, showing the conflict between maker and wearer. By combining men’s and women’s work wear of garment factories, each look stands for one of the five largest clothing exporting countries.


Register to attend NY Men's and Women's here to see these brands and more July 22-24 in New York.