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June 4, 2018

New Brands to Watch with Tommy Fazio

Posted at 10:33 AM


Industry experts from every corner of the world assemble for MAGIC to experience a mecca of contemporary, fresh brands. We sat down with UBM Men's Fashion Director, Tommy Fazio, to gain an inside perspective on everything to look forward to this season.  



Left: Selected HOMME  Right: Scout 

Interviewer: What are you most excited about for the upcoming PROJECT, THE TENTS, and THE COLLECTIVE? Any new brand categories or exciting areas you’d like to mention?

Tommy: There’s so much to be excited about this season. First, we're super stoked to announce we'll be working on a very special collaboration with Highsnobiety, who we have partnered with to ensure special coverage of our brands and attendees. "Streetwear" has changed so much, and we're excited to bring this into focus. We're also launching PROJECT GOLF- an area focused on active brands with a contemporary approach to the golf arena. We'll have fun activations, a lounge, and press involvement, that will replicate the classic club house feeling on the show floor. THE TENTS are being re-invented and we're excited to surprise you with what this will look like on site-- let’s just say it will be a great place to hang. 



Charlie Holiday

Interviewer: What men's brands are you excited to see this season at MAGIC?

Tommy: We're so excited to welcome Travis Matthew to PROJECT Golf this season. We're seeing a huge trend in golf apparel - gear that's worn not just on the course, but that also translates with ease between street and sport. Travis Matthew encapsulates this trend perfectly. 

Scout (PROJECT) is a great new brand this season as well. They've taken a really fresh approach to menswear. Think of them as an American version of Jill Sander-- clean, modern, easy.  

We're stoked to welcome Charlie Holiday (PROJECT) to the fold this season. The Australian brand is made specifically for our kind of guy, the one that loves to get out of his comfort zone with both fashion and day-to-day experiences. 

New Wave UK style is a big trend we're seeing this season. Boy London embodies this contemporary style, and we're definitely paying attention.

We love great tailoring, and Ziver (THE COLLECTIVE) has mastered the art of crisp, elegant menswear. With both classic and avant-garde suitings, the brand has something for everyone.

The one thing that every guy needs: high-quality grooming. Raw shaving has their craft down to a tee, with a patent razor technology built to last. 

Interviewer: Why is it important for retailers to attend MAGIC this season? 

Tommy: This season is about possibility. It's a season for exploration. From our matchmaking programs, to our commitment as event organizers in bringing you what's new, we're confident retailers will find exactly what they're looking for- and hopefully discover even more.


Register to attend MAGIC here to see these visionary brands and more August 13-15 in Las Vegas.