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June 3, 2018

New Brands to Watch with Leslie Gallin

Posted at 10:42 PM

This August 13-15, industry experts and tastemakers from around the globe will travel to Las Vegas to browse the most comprehensive selection of international footwear in the USA. FN PLATFORM features men’s, women’s, juniors' and children’s brands from more than 30 countries, so we sat down with UBM Fashion President of Footwear, Leslie Gallin, to find out which brands in particular are on her radar and what it is that sets them apart from the rest. 


Left: KIZIK  |  Right: Vagabond

Interviewer: Leslie, which brands showing at FN PLATFORM are you most excited to see this season?

LG: Alma en Pena, Brusque, Tip Toey Joey, Kizik, Vagabond and Premier Seven.

Interviewer: Why are these brands you mentioned standing out to you the most?

LG: They are all poised for growth. Each brand values the independent retailer and is looking to ensure they are good partners in supporting distribution of the brands.

Interviewer: Is there any commonality or a quality that each of these brands share?

LG: Today all businesses need to be “Omni – Present.” You must have a website to tell your story and interact with your customers, be socially conscious and socially present. Each of these brands understand the needs of the retailer and consumer today.


Left: Premier Seven  |  Right: Tip Toey Joey

Interviewer: What are you most looking forward to for the upcoming FN PLATFORM show?

LG: Change. Now is the time for retailers to be looking for products which help them maintain strong margins. We are excited about our enhanced partnering with the Portuguese Footwear Association, also known as APICCAPS. They will be bringing 20 established companies to the show for the first time. Each have successful international businesses and are now ready to offer their brands here in the USA.  

Interviewer: Any new brand categories or exciting areas you’d like to highlight?

LG: We just added a new lifestyle neighborhood to the show floor last season called ON POINT. ON POINT represents fast fashion and affordable footwear. The fast-fashion industry is thriving and we recognized the need to call it out and create an easy-to-navigate neighborhood for those retailers looking to buy in the category.

Interviewer: Why is it important for retailers to attend this season and how does FN PLATFORM stand out?

LG: Now is the time to be in the room. Meaning, only two times a year is there a location where the key brands, decision makers, trend setters and anyone involved with the footwear industry gather. Attendees and exhibitors alike will gain valuable knowledge, discover new brands and solidify friendships all on the FN PLATFORM show floor. Oh, and they will have fun!

To meet the above brands and more at FN PLATFORM, register here today!