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April 13, 2018

Meet the Maker Feat. My Willows

Posted at 1:14 PM



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My Willows is all about sunglasses with a very unique twist. Each pair triples as sunglasses, earrings, and a necklace, perfect for festival culture! We sat down with the founder of the brand, Sasha Mayer, to learn all about My Willows

What inspired you to launch your brand?

What really led me to take the plunge and actually launch this brand was my divorce. (I’m driving right in, aren’t I?) When I left my ex-husband and had a 2 year old to support, I was extremely motivated to be my own boss so that I could have a flexible schedule for my son. Ultimately, my boy Gavin was my biggest inspiration.

What was the most challenging part of launching your business?

I would say patience. I worked hard to form the company, create a collection, build and launch a website and then..I just waited. Nothing happens right away and it’s challenging to stay on track and not feel frustrated.


You have a very different take on sunglasses, how did the first design come to be?

I had this idea for many years before actually launching the brand. I’d say it evolved over time and different parts and pieces of my life inspired what you see today. I tried a version of it a while back but got pregnant, had a baby, then got divorced. The timing there was clearly off!! When I picked the idea back up and starting playing with it, the pieces of the puzzle just came together perfectly.

Why did you choose POOLTRADESHOW?

I love the concept of Cash & Carry, especially for newer brands like ours. It’s a great price point and a way for buyers to discover emerging brands.

What’s your favorite part about POOL?

I like the size of the show, it's small and intimate. There is really a sense of support and community. Also it doesn’t hurt that the apparel and accessories brands showing are all unique and the people are so awesome. I had the best neighbors – in fact we are all still in touch.


Where do you pull the most inspiration from?

My dreams are insane and my company’s name and other ideas were born as a result of them! I also pull a lot of inspiration from festival culture, especially Burning Man. The art and community there truly inspires me, it’s a very special place to me.

What’s next for your brand?

We are growing and evolving, expanding our collection to include other things (it’s a surprise for now!) but very excited about what’s in store!

Apply to exhibit at POOLTRADESHOW August 13-15, 2018 here!


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