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July 30, 2018

Kelly's MAGIC MONDAY: Taylor Swift Reputation Tour Style Guide

Posted at 9:24 AM

WWDMAGIC and FashionGo present "Kelly's MAGIC Monday", a weekly feature of key trends, industry insights and store Q&A's presented by Vice President/Brand Director Kelly Helfman. This week, find your inner 'Swiftie' during Taylor Swift's Reputation Tour! Plus, learn how retailer "Pink Coconut" grew their business in a new retail Q&A.




Find your inner ‘Swiftie’ during Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour! Channel the style of the world’s biggest pop star with black sequined dresses, shorts and minis, in edgy-yet-spotlight-reflecting black. Show some skin with strategically placed sheers, and shake it off in sexy fringe and form-fitting bodysuits. The finishing touch? Over-the-knee black boots or strappy heels, for the stage or afterparty.




From Left to Right:  Dresscode L.A.  |  Cocci  |  Hers & Mine  |  Blithe  |  Essue  


From Left to Right:  De Runway  |  Blithe  |  Re:Named  |  Mainstrip  |  Hayden Los Angeles


From Left to Right:  Verty  |  Heart & Hips  |  L'atiste  |  Wildcat Fashion |  Hot & Delicious



What started as tanning salons with clothing added in over the years, Pink Coconut boutique became its own Mississippi - based fashion boutique in 2012, both online and brick and mortar. We spoke with owner Sheri Hensley about the boutique, which sells women's apparel, accessories and shoes: 


How’d you come up with the name Pink Coconut?

Our tanning salon name was Ultra Tan, and we added clothing and started traveling doing shows. We needed a name for those shows and didn’t want to be Ultra Boutique! We decided on Pink Coconut: Pink for ladies and Coconut for the tanning theme.


What do you love most about being a retailer?

I love the constant change! I LOVE to see what comes in daily and the smiles it puts on everyone’s faces! It is like Christmas every day! I also love the behind the scenes and the people who make Pink Coconut Boutique what it is today.

I LOVE to see what comes in daily and the smiles it puts on everyone’s faces! It is like Christmas every day!

What is the hardest part of being a retailer?

I am a people pleaser! I take it all personally. If someone is upset, it upsets me!


How would you define your customer?

We cater to ALL women! I can say this about our customers: They are loyal! We have a huge following and they learn quickly that we care about them. They are a name to us, not a number!


What do you do differently to engage with your customers?

As of late we have been doing more LIVE videos and the fans love those and the interaction! We also do Market shows like Holiday Shows and BIG shows, which is how we gained a lot of our fans! We would go to shows in the South and set  up! At checkout we offered different discounts for liking or sharing our social medias. Our fans love when we are close to them.


What do you think sets your stores/site apart?

We offer a wide variety of items! We have about 25 to 30 new arrivals DAILY! Customers appreciate the variety. We’re also about inclusivity, with sizes ranging from Small – 3XL (we list the larger sizes on our site under Curvy, we don’t say Plus Size!). We also do a Body Type Guide, where customers can define their shape and get bulleted suggestions for what styles work best. It’s not just about selling clothing, it’s about selling the right pieces to each customer.


Given what you know now, what advice would you give yourself when you were just starting your store?

You will want to buy everything and a lot of it…but do not do that! We started from scratch and I bought styles that I felt would really do well. If you are on the fence about something, do not buy it. There are plenty of other styles out there! We took every penny we made and put it back into inventory.


How do you use social media to connect with your audience?

Social Media was different when we first started. We reached all of our fans and quickly grew to over 1.6 million. That is very hard to do today, but don’t let that discourage you! Keep going and WORK IT! You must keep up with all of the changes that social media makes DAILY! Doing more Live Videos will help with engagement.


How do you stay updated on trends/hot brands/industry news?

RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH! We’re also lucky to have very close relationships with our top vendors, as they keep us informed!


Compared to when you first started your store, what do you think has been the biggest change in the industry?

Social Media and how customers can buy your products. We don’t just show product on social media; we do inspirational/fun messages and contests too.


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