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July 8, 2018

Kelly's MAGIC MONDAY: County Fair Style Guide

Posted at 10:10 PM

WWDMAGIC and FashionGo present "Kelly's MAGIC Monday", a weekly feature of key trends, industry insights and store Q&A's presented by Vice President/Brand Director Kelly Helfman. This week, we're taking you to the County Fair! Swap the urban hustle for some fun with friends in these stylish get-ups perfect for a ride on the ferris wheel. Plus, learn how online retailer ‘Saved by the Dress” grew it’s online business through social media in a new retail Q&A.




Swap that urban hustle for good ol’ country style with all the fixins! Gingham dresses, bandana prints and denim cut offs personify Americana charm, especially in red, white and blue. Ride the Ferris wheel and play arcade games in cat-eye sunnies with retro flair. Hittin’ the band stand? Swing your partner in wedges/sandals and string-tie hats and never miss a step. Whimsical prints like hot dogs add a tasty, finishing touch.



            From Left to Right: Urbanista  |   Sihnderella   |  Love Stitch  |  Ccocci  |   Orgel 



 From Left to Right: Bella Chic  |  Wild Honey  |  Luv Fashion |  Vervet  |  Vervet 



Saved By The Dress

How Saved By the Dress Grew Its Online Business Through Social Media: 

Online women’s clothing boutique Saved by the Dress was created by husband and wife duo Carla and Bill Saedlo in 2013. With a warehouse in Miami, FL, the e-tailer carries the latest fashion pieces, including tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories and most importantly, tons of dresses!


What’s it like being a husband/wife team?

We like to say we're the ultimate #bosscouple! Our dynamic works well since we have different responsibilities within the company (I'm the main buyer and supervise the social media and Bill handles the marketing and helps manage the day-to-day operation). Plus, we try to have different schedules at the office! We're always brainstorming off the clock; we're both go getters and have the same goal.


Based on your name, are you mostly dresses?

Around 70% of what we sell is dresses! When we first launched we were focused on dresses only but as time went by we started introducing other items, such as tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories.


What do you love most about being a retailer?

First of all, working with clothes is any girl's dream! It's like having a 20,000-square-foot closet!! Jokes aside, we love not having to work for someone else. Building something that's yours is gratifying and seeing it grow is absolutely fascinating!

"Building something that's yours is gratifying and seeing it grow is absolutely fascinating" 

What is the hardest part of being a retailer?

It is a lot of work! Even though you have flexible hours and you can bring your kid to work, you end up working nights, weekends and holidays. But the hustle pays off.


How would you describe your customer?


She’s that fun and trendy girl. She goes to school or has a job she loves, or both! She likes hanging out with friends, boyfriend and having a great time! She's on a budget but doesn't mind spending a few more dollars a month to get something she loves. She wears our amazing formal dresses to prom, homecoming, graduation, bridesmaids and so much more.



How important is social media when connecting with your audience?

Social media is key nowadays to bridge the gap between customer and company. A majority of our customers are millennials and that's the language they use to communicate. Instagram stories, for example, are a great way to keep our followers in the loop of upcoming items, restocks and some behind-the-scenes moments, and it’s great to let customers in so they can feel like a part of the company and we can build a trustworthy relationship. We’ve been working super hard in the last couple of months to let our customers get to know us better and connect more with us more. Stay tuned for more videos, Instagram stories and cool content @savedbythedress


You show a lot of dresses with both front/back views on Instagram. How effective is that?

We’ve been showing back and front pictures pretty much from the beginning! Sometimes the back of a dress is cuter than the front and customers love to see the item as whole. we believe it definitely helps to boost sales!


How do you encourage customers to tag and share what they buy at Saved by the Dress?

Our site has the hashtag #SAVEDBYTHEDRESS with the tagline: Shop It. Love It. Tag It. We love seeing our customers wearing one of our dresses to special events and important moments in their lives. We get so excited when they tag us on social media, send us Facebook messages or sweet emails. It feels so good to know we were somehow a part of so many people's special moments! We try our best to like or comment every chance we get to let them know we appreciate the shout out. Plus, by commenting on their photos, the customers feel a better connection with us.


How do you stay updated on trends/hot brands/industry news?

Being aware of what's trendy, either through magazines, social media or TV is super important. On top of that, we go to a lot of trade shows and also conduct frequent visits to the fashion district in LA. It's a mix of a lot of research, field trips and knowing what trend will work better with your customer base!


Compared to 5 year ago when you first started your store, what do you think has been the biggest change in the industry?

Definitely Facebook! When we first started, you could post anything and most of your followers would see it! It was crazy the amount of free engagement we had back then. That really helped us get the business started and we learned through the years how to adapt to the changes on advertising and how to increase the organic reach.



Given what you know now, what advice would you give yourself when you were just starting your store?


Keep up with all the social media and marketing trends as fast as they come up and make sure you dedicate adequate time and effort to building these sales channels. It's crazy how so much has changed in the last 5 years! Also, try to work less on the day-to-day tasks and focus more on growing the business. That is really important and we wish we had done that a little sooner.


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