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May 24, 2018

Instagram Pro Tips from STITCH's Most Popular Brands | August 2018

Posted at 8:08 PM

More and more, shoppers are looking to social media to find new trends and discover new brands. It’s amazing news if you have a highly engaged audience online, but if you don’t, you could be leaving business on the table.

Luckily, there are options. A great way to build your audience online is by selling digitally influential brands. Not only can you capitalize on their cult following, you can also learn from their online strategy.


✓ Personalized customer service 
✓ Feature their followers wearing their products 
✓ Utilize targeted social advertising 
✓ Engage in real-time 
✓ Take advantage of new platform features
✓ Create unique, end-to-end shopping experiences

That’s why we’re bringing you some of social media’s most famous fashion brands this season at MAGIC. Whether you’re looking to increase your likes, triple your engagement, or simply reach a new audience, these digital influencers could be your ticket to success.


Johnny Was STITCH MAGIC August 2018


Maritza Arrua
Director of Marketing

“Our success on Instagram comes from creating a well-curated look into the brand and lifestyle that we promote through color stories and aspirational imagery - some being product, food, decor, etc.”

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Saint James STITCH MAGIC August 2108


Stephanie Le Page
Senior Digital Manager

“Without calling ourselves experts, we’ve been focusing on two things from our Instagram’s inception that serve us well: integrity and consistency. We never bought bots/followers, or never have been parts of what they call “pods”. This gives us genuine engagement from people who do seem to care about the lifestyle Saint James inspires: a bit of Normandy, a bit of centuries-old know-how, a bit of travels, and… stripes. These themes come back every week, without fail. Finally, we pay a lot of attention to having a consistent color palette, so that the big picture is cohesive.”

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Wooden Ships STITCH MAGIC August 2018


Kowa Mattern

“The simple fact is that we keep it real! Each image is something that Paola, the designer and co-owner of Wooden Ships, truly loves and is passionate about. We also love reposting what our fans and boutiques tag us in and post on their own accounts. We are really inspired by how others style our designs. We also try to reply to each comment! We want our customers and accounts to know that we listen to what they say.”

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