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March 27, 2019

The Industry’s Best Buyers Showed up for Children’s Club NY this March

Posted at 9:05 AM

Children's Club March



Shopping for your own child can be challenging; what is this made out of? Will the material agitate my baby’s skin? Will they grow out of it too quickly? Now, imagine you’re making clothing for millions of other people’s children. How and where can you make the customer’s decisions easier? The answer is by getting in front of them and dispelling those concerns first hand and the perfect place to do that is CHILDREN’S CLUB. Top buyers like Bloomingdale’s, Buy Buy Baby, Dillard’s Little Rock and Denny’s Childrenswear all travelled to NYC this March to find new and bright children’s collections under one roof in the Jacob Javits Center. They decide to shop CHILDREN’S CLUB because it’s where they can give the answers to their customers' most pressing questions. 


“We meet new retailers at every show. And the retailers we met come not only nationwide, but also worldwide, including South America, Asia, Europe, etc.”– Rebecca Yan, Sales Manager | Princess Daliana


CHILDREN’S CLUB offers a stand-alone marketplace for brands to showcase their designs in front of retailers from around the world. It’s the reach that keeps brands coming back for three NY shows a year. It gives exhibitors a chance to show off what’s new to their existing customers that attend the shows and offers a fun and interactive environment to network with companies outside their common circle. Read on to see how CHILDREN’S CLUB make meeting buyers easier. 





events at children's club strengthened relationships between fashion brands and retailers


The first day of school is always an opportunity to learn something new and meet a new friend and the CHILDREN’S CLUB events and activations throughout the show floor followed that every same theme. They gave retailers a chance to introduce themselves to exhibitors at their activations and be taught about the brand and their story. 

Earnshaw's magazine pop-up at children's club fashion show

The Earnshaw’s Honor Roll activation greeted retailers before they first stepped foot into the show. Earnshaw’s has been THE magazine for childrenswear professionals to read up on retail strategies and merchandising techniques for the past 101 years. Buyers visiting the booth got a glimpse at how designs have evolved, taking a look at Earnshaw’s magazine covers from the past century.  This gave retailers a little inspiration before the show to look out for a trendy retro-spin on new aged designs.

its a Kidsworld Magazine pop up at children's club fashion show

More than a dozen brands got to be involved in the Back-To-School Pop Up, curated by It’s A Kidsworld Magazine. Showing off their best school day looks, buyers got to search for school aged specific clothing all in one place. The space was uniquely designed with chalk boards, classroom desks, and intricate displays of children accessories.  March is an extremely significant and opportune time to place orders for retailers. It’s a few months before they roll out their back-to-school lines in their stores, so coming to CHILDREN’S CLUB which offers a designated location for school clothing allows for easy to find merchandise. 

the nun allowed retailers to meet brands at children's club

“The Nuk” was a centralized hub where exhibitors and retailers could meet, relax and recharge. This hangout area of the show offered complimentary coffee, sweet treats, free giveaways, phone charging stations and a tranquil lounge area to connect buyers and brands on a more casual level. Brands took advantage of the intimate environment to have secondary meetings if their potential buyers were weary and needed a change of atmosphere to relax and process their buying options.   





the kissy kissy brand sells the baby wear to major department stores and all over the world




The well-established Kissy Kissy brand brought their classic, timeless and soft babywear to CHILDREN’S CLUB March. And when we say soft, we mean SOFT. The more than 20 year old distributor designs their clothing with Peruvian Pima cotton, which is why their soft is softer, their whites are whiter, and clothes last longer. Designed to weather out the intensity of babyhood, Kissy Kissy’s lines will last throughout all of the baby’s firsts. You’ll find their more than 70+ collections, from hand-embroidered to knitwear, in elite stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales and Nieman Marcus, who also all happen to be buyers that walk the CHILDREN’S CLUB floor.  


Selling to such an impressionable and malleable consumer, Kissy Kissy prides themselves on putting the customer’s values first. “You have to listen to the customer, help them, educate them. From there you’ll start to grow. We worry about the money last and put the customer and their baby first” says Alec Castillo, the son of Kissy Kissy’s founder. Exhibiting at CHILDREN’S CLUB allows them to be keen to their buyer’s needs. Providing a medium to give a hands on presentation of their plush yet durable babywear cultivates a personal relationship that is imperative in this industry. 


“We’ve been coming to the show for years now” says Castillo “Since the dawn of time. NY CHILDREN’S CLUB is a fantastic show that pulls everyone together. It’s nice to have a one stop shop for all the customers. It’s very easy working with the UBM team. They always take care of us.” Offering a stand-alone children’s marketplace allows powerful and serious buyers to come through the doors to spend money and support businesses that were once small mom and pop shops like Kissy Kissy and grow them into the dynamic international company they are today.  



Princess daliana sells gowns and dresses worldwide and Children's club helped them brag into the US market




The elegantly designed gowns and dresses from Princess Daliana were a show stopper for retailers at CHILDREN’S CLUB. They were drawn to the classic silhouettes and fresh designs from the young and fervent company. The founder, Jolin Zou, has been working in the children’s wear industry for more than 20 years, but just recently founded Princess Daliana in 2017 and then promptly breaking into the US market from overseas. Since then, they’ve seen amazing returns and any business owner knows that introducing a specialty product abroad is no easy feat, but with the support of CHILDREN’S CLUB giving them the stage to showcase their designs, they were able to make an impact. “Right after the first show, we began relying on it … We have met a number of clients at the UBM shows. It gave us an effective platform to build up our business from a point of zero in the United States” says Rebecca Yan, Princess Daliana’s Sales Manager. 


Merging a fancy New York lifestyle with European flair for beauty, Princess Daliana designs dresses and gowns for special family events and important milestones in a young girl’s lives that calls for them to feel like royalty. From simple to jeweled, laced and exquisitely trimmed, Princess Daliana displayed their lines in front of ardent buyers at CHILDREN’S CLUB that wanted to make their tinniest of customers live like a princess. 


Princess Daliana has been wowing retailers at 10 CHILDREN’S CLUB events since 2017. The show allows them to excite their retention customers with new collections, as well as amaze new buyers that walk into their booth. We meet new retailers at every show. And the retailers we met come not only nationwide, but also worldwide, including South America, Asia, Europe, etc.” The reach and diversity that CHILDREN’S CLUB is able to provide young companies like Princess Daliana is truly unmatched and invaluable.





CHILDREN’S CLUB March raised the bar on children’s fashion shows with its curated floor plan and interactive events. So much so that there is no other option but to do it again this summer for CHILDREN’S CLUB August. Exhibitors can expect even more events, education and media to draw in even more retailers through the doors. It’s an international exhibition featuring every category of children's clothing from newborn to tween, layette items, fashion accessories, footwear, toys and gifts. Exhibiting brands reflect an eclectic base of established collections and new designers bursting onto the scene. CHILDREN'S CLUB August is an excellent opportunity to be seen by the medium to better children's specialty retailers and boutiques.