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December 4, 2017

An Icon of Culture and Apparel: Kennington

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Established in 1957, California based Kennington is the purveyor of all things menswear. The brand was founded by Stan Tendler in his parent’s garage with a $6,000 loan from his in-laws. Kennington has since grown exponentially and outlasted a multitude of generational trends, while remaining a family-owned company. The Kennington man was born from a strong Californian heritage, as a cultural and apparel icon that continues to innovate with visionary styling.

Celebrating 60 years, the brand is pushing the boundaries further with several new concepts this season. Kennington is proud to release its new sportswear line made from 100% Pima 70’s singles cotton, featuring clean finished collars created with finer needles. The new collection will feature more color options with concise micro-color stories, such as an autumn leaves pallet group contrasted by a navy, charcoal, and grey group. Garments will feature screen prints and textured solids to provide variety and balance to the line. Kennington will also offer an additional delivery option for an easier transition from Fall to Spring with more prints on darker backgrounds. Finally the brand will continue with its expanded knit line that debuted at PROJECT in August, with garments such as the Kennington rugby shirt. Watch the video below to get a sense of the brand's ethos.


Register here to attend PROJECT January 21-23 to shop Kennington and more of the best brands in the industry.

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