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August 9, 2018

Gorjana x PROJECT WOMENS | August 2018

Posted at 11:55 AM
PROJECT WOMENS MAGIC Las Vegas August 2018

Discover your energy in the Oasis Lounge at PROJECT WOMENS, courtesy of Gorjana.


Gorjana x PROJECT WOMENS are happy to present a space on the show floor in Las Vegas where attendees can come and receive a personalized aura reading from the Gorjana team.

Every living thing has an aura. Auras generate a large magnetic energy field that can be sensed, felt and even seen around the physical body. Attendees are asked to place their hands on sensors to receive a full body scan. Biodynamic feedback from the scan provides insight into your current emotional and mental state. As a takeaway, you are provided with a unique polaroid portrait--a double exposed photo that first takes a portrait of the participant and then of their aura, thanks to special photo technology.


The Gorjana aura reading system not only measures aura health and color, but also chakra strength, emotion and energy levels.


Gorjana PROJECT WOMENS MAGIC Las Vegas August 2018 aura reading


Gorjana is offering a complimentary aura reading ($50 value) with the purchase of a power gemstone bracelet (retail $38 each). Their genuine gemstones correlate with your aura; the bracelets are the perfect way to wear your vibe and enhance your energy every day.


Gorjana PROJECT WOMENS MAGIC Las Vegas August 2018 bracelet aura reading




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