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June 17, 2019

Brands to Watch at STITCH @ PROJECT WOMENS | August 2019

Posted at 1:16 PM
Brands to Watch at STITCH | Augusr 2019

MAGIC August 2019 is around the corner! Whether you have your list of favorite brands or are looking for new styles, there are plenty of noteworthy brands to put on your radar. For a cheat-sheet to get you started, we put together five brands worth shopping at STITCH @ PROJECT WOMENS.


Brands to Watch at STITCH | August 2019

European Culture is dedicated to metropolitan artists and athletes from around the world. European Culture, is an artistic spirit and competitive attitude, uniquely traces the new Active Elegant Wear style code. Genetically oriented towards sportswear, it makes its canons and materials its own but distorts its expression.

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Brands to Watch at STITCH | August 2019

With a passion for innovative knit design, mother and daughter Anne Marie and Jessica founded Brodie Cashmere in 2008 to bring a new level of creativity to timeless designs. Driven by sustainability, Brodie uses the world’s best cashmere yarns to create collections underpinned by sophisticated textures and designs with soul. Brodie uses raw cashmere to create all their products. Their relationship with the farmer herders and factory in Mongolia spans over 10 years and they are just as passionate about their cashmere as Brodie is. The factory workers are artisans of their own trade, with years of experience that craft every jumper.

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Brands to Watch at STITCH| AUGUST 2019

T.ba is very much influenced by the cultural heritage of its founders, the sisters Lopez de Carrizosa. The cultural background of the family has been attached to horses since they settled in Jerez de la Frontera, a small town in the South of Spain in the thirteenth century. Indeed, the family estate “El Salto al Cielo” (in English: Jump to Heaven) was the place where the Monks of the Carthusian Order defined the characteristics of the majestic “Cartujano” horse breed. All this mixed with the influence of the British wine producers that came to Jerez with their families in the nineteenth century. They arrived with their customs, fashion and way of life, which were absorbed and blended with the existing traditions, producing in this small part of Spain, a unique, dynamic and cosmopolitan social scene: a lifestyle.

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Sarah Pacini

Brands to Watch at STITCH | August 2019

The Sarah Pacini Summer 2019 collection is a study of change and self-confidence. It explores our own duality: how opposites complement one another and how attraction sometimes creates resistance.

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Brands to Watch at STITCH | August 2019

Their journey began 25 years ago in Bali. Today, they are still family-owned and family-run. Their obsessive attention to fit, lasting quality, and stellar customer service have won them much support. Their love for cool, casual-chic style has brought them many devoted followers. But they are more than that– they are also wild about coffee, beautiful meals, spontaneous road trips, long novels and great music. And they are passionate about friends, family, community, taking care of our planet and giving back. It's all connected. Get to know them. Wooden Ships is not just a sweater company.

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stitch @ project womens

August 12-14, 2019 

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday

Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas