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July 13, 2017


Posted at 9:26 AM
Hayden LA Logo

Hayden Los Angeles is for the nomadic, free, bohemian girl who has a distinctive take on fashion. Based in Los Angeles, they create relaxed day-wear to signature textiles that kiss the skin. Their subtle hues and earthy designs inspire the customer to push boundaries and dress to their imagination. Hayden is known for her confident charisma and modern take on style. To them, their customers are the heart of the business and they dedicate each style with them in mind. They have fun with fashion and continue to create wardrobe essentials that are made to last beyond the seasons. 

Hayden Los Angeles can be seen at CHILDREN'S CLUB MAGIC this August at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Don't forget to pick up a CHILDREN'S CLUB MAGIC X HAYDEN LOS ANGELES show bag at the show!

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