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November 14, 2017

Behind the Brand: Hommard

Posted at 10:43 AM

A vision of revisiting classics with a modern take and an uncompromising focus on quality.  Find out why Hommard is a can't miss brand this season at PROJECT. 


Hommard was launched in Amsterdam in 2009 with a passion for luxurious cashmere and craftsmanship. It has since evolved into a truly unique knitwear brand offering a multitude of luxurious yarns at different price points. Capitalizing on the market's momentum around knitwear and strong sales performances as a category, Hommard has, in a short time, established itself as a must-have brand globally. 

The Hommard man is refined and yet very cool. He understands high-end fashion and looks for stylish everyday and exclusive luxury items which complement his active lifestyle. The brand's classic, quality attire caters to a broad spectrum of ages. Hommard selectively wholesales handcrafted knitted and woven pieces. Its collections combine sharp designs, quirky trims and impeccable details.  The brand's focus is to guarantee the outstanding quality and longevity of each piece of clothing. The brand boasts uncompromising quality, a relevant and modern aesthetic, and effortless luxury, all at an excellent quality to price ratio. 


The upcoming collection showing this season at PROJECT will feature luxurious bomber jackets, cardigans, sweaters, and new for the season, a complete range of contemporary trousers, the “Travel Pants” for the men of the World.  Amsterdam continues to be a great inspiration for the collection- the city's casual, laid back atmosphere, results in a final product that can be worn anywhere, all over the world. 

We're proud to welcome Hommard back to PROJECT this season.  Register today to shop this brand and more.