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September 13, 2017

Behind the Brand: Cardanas

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The idea of creating a shoe brand came to Sebastian Aguirre in his last year of studies at the University of Design of Toulon, in France. He had composed some sketches for Product Design class and, inside the outlines he made, he drew several shoes. It was then that Aguirre had a sudden idea to create a shoe brand. He began to put on paper the dream of creating a footwear brand, all while juggling school projects and a major thesis assignment. After 10 years living in France, Aguirre moved back to Ecuador, where he finally launched Cardànas in 2013.

Diego Estampado

As for what the company is up to now, they are currently revisiting earlier product designs with a new chromatic perspective. Expect to see some sneaker designs with inspiration from the early 50’s and 60’s with a fresh Cardànas touch. Staying true to the roots of their brand, Cardànas is also planning to introduce some Ecuadorian artisan fabrics.   

Concerning environmental responsibility, Cardànas carefully selects suppliers that comply with environmental liability standards. When Aguirre created the brand, he notes that one of his prime concerns was the impact that industries and companies can have, not only on the environment, but on society, the culture and local economy. In order to support their local economy, Cardànas only works with local suppliers. This allows them to establish personal relationships with the people that they’re working with, and take interest in their success too. Aguirre says that among the many other reasons why they don't import any materials from China, India, or elsewhere, is that by importing they would be contributing to the impact that transporting those materials has on the environment . Recently, Cardànas launched a project called Green Steps with the purpose of spreading the love and accountability their shoes are made with. The idea behind Green Steps is, for each pair of Cardànas shoes sold, a tree will be planted. Walk in them, play in them, love in them and know you’re leaving something good behind.



The brand is very passionate about art and urban culture as well; they are always looking for new ways to promote young urban artists. In fact, they have hosted several exhibitions in their showroom in Quito, Ecuador. Once or twice a year they call for new urban artists to exhibit in their showroom space.

To learn more about the brand or see where you can shop their latest collections, follow them below.



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