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December 17, 2018

Art Basel Miami 2018 Recap

Posted at 11:12 AM

Leading galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa showcased work from artists on their rosters at this year's Art Basel Miami Beach.  Read ahead for highlights and top trends.


Art Basel 2018 Recap


Leah Schrager creates paintings, digital art, and online performance. She is the model, photographer, artist, and marketer in/of her images. Her visual works mix a painterly aesthetic with bodily forms and often draw their material from her online conceptual practice. Her art speaks to current topics of tension such as sexualized women, representation, commercialization and the challenges with social media - honest, raw and telling of the times.


Art Basel 2018 Recap


Haroshi is a Japanese skateboarder and self-taught woodworker, known for his large sculptures made from discarded skateboard decks. To make each sculpture, Haroshi carefully selects and stacks the skateboards, then hand carves, paints, and polishes them into a veneer finish. His work address materialism and spirituality, but also pay homage to a passion shared by millions.


Art Basel 2018 Recap


Miya Ando is an American artist known for her metal paintings that encapsulate both ephemerality and permanence, however for this year’s Art Basel she really stood out as her work “Sora Versailles” wrapped the building at 3425 Collins full of clouds for the Faena Festival. Growing up between a Japanese temple and Northern California, Miya draws on her multicultural upbringing to inspire her work. “Ultimately I am interested in the study of subtraction to the point of purity, simplicity and refinement,” she says of the quiet, abstract environments she creates that play towards the fantasy and escapistic aesthetics consumers are currently craving.


Art Basel 2018 Recap


Known as the “Queen of Quilting,” Bisa Butler brings her talent to the art world by stitching retro scenes from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s African American movements as a way to preserve time. She retells the stories of her heritage, a girl who won her first sewing competition at the age of 5 in South Orange, New Jersey. To this day she depicts her own language through needlework, color and craftsmanship that is unparalleled.


Art Basel Recap 2018

Left to Right: Lyle Owerko, Kaws, Sulebox, Jerry Cabrera



Neons dominated all of the Art Basel and Miami design shows, as the color palette was as bold as the imagery. In particular, neon pink and yellow were key, seen in everything from abstract expressionism to cartoons and tropical designs.


Art Basel 2018 Recap

Left to Right: Tom Bronk, Asterisk, Wang Shang, Osvaldo Bacman, Carl Cashman



Op Art was one of the key takeaways from this years art shows. Trippy geometrics and art which appeared to move was seen in various colorways, typically on a square canvas. The designs were enhanced when placed as a collective set.


Art Basel 2018 Recap

Left to Right: Claudio Perna, Robert Mapplethorpe, Girbent, Viasta Gary



Sensual, close-ups on the body, inclusive of all genders. There was a sense of hidden identity, as faces were often covered or out of sight. As seen in several mediums including painting and photography, this trend speaks to honesty, openness, love, vulnerability.


Art Basel 2018 Recap

Left to Right: Shepard Fairey, Niyi Olagunju, Giano Currie, Mateo



Portraiture in general was an important visual this year, and Identity speaks to the artists focus on their heritage and race, with various world cultures coming through. It’s about being proud of who you are.


Art Basel 2018 Recap

Left to Right: Harland Miller, Lily van Der Stokker, Ricci Albenda, Paul Chan, Kelly Mark



Overly positive phrases have been replaced by honest and at time sad or depressing verbiage. The hand written font style or crafted medium enhances the personal touch behind the words.


Art Basel 2018 Recap


Optimistic lifestyle label Madhappy opened a new pop-up “Mobile Install” to take place during Art Basel and into January. The minimal, industrial space provides the backdrop for the brand’s new Pearl Cove collection and basics range, alongside a number of interactive experiences. The brand continues to find new ways to evolve, connect with the community, and bring forward a message of positivity.


Art Basel 2018 Recap


Portuguese artist VHILS had his first-ever solo show entitled “Ethereal” during Art Basel 2018. The artist presented new carved portraits at in the space located at the heart of the Wynwood Arts District in Miami. He will also took over the entire facade of the building.


Art Basel 2018 Recap


New York Sunshine founder and multidisciplinary artist John Margaritis launched a solo exhibition entitled “BROKEN TIME” during Art Basel Miami 2018. Highlights include an immersive installation comprised of a sphere of steel backboards, a hand wagon transformed into a functional chair that was meticulously crafted using multiple layers of hard oak wood, and a countdown clock adorned with barbwire that invokes the ephemerality of human life.


Art Basel 2018 Recap


An unauthorized touring exhibit, “The Art of Banksy” opened in a large warehouse space during Art Basel and has 80 of his iconic works on display, spanning original paintings, sculptures, screenprints. Banksy is well known for his outdoor art which can be found in streets all around the world. Banksy’s indoor pieces – original and unique works on canvas, wood and paper – have so far been less exposed. You will now find these indoor pieces, on loan from collectors at this exhibit, the largest to ever take place in the U.S.


Art Basel 2018 Recap


Miami-born street artist Alex Yanes is known for his vibrant artworks that draw inspiration from his Cuban roots, Miami, and skateboard culture. For Art Basel 2018, Yanes teamed up with Nike’s “Makers Studio” to present three large-scale art installations on display alongside customizable apparel and sneakers designed by the artist. Accompanying these Nike collaborative pieces is Yanes’ solo exhibition at the Scope Art Fair featuring 17 new works.


Art Basel 2018 Recap

Top to Bottom: Vhils, Ashop Crew, Queen Andrea, Deih, Ron English

In the warehouse district of Wynwood, some of the world’s greatest artists in the graffiti and the street art genre get together to not only compete but share their large scale artwork with one another and the surrounding community where graffiti was once unappreciated. The artists above are a few of this year’s winners of Wynwood Walls and their works were debuted just in time for Art Basel 2018.


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