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July 9, 2019

International Footwear Brands Coming to FN PLATFORM | August 2019

Posted at 9:50 AM

We're thrilled to welcome so many different brands from all around the world to FN PLATFORM! Below is a preview of the International footwear brands that will join us at the August show in Las Vegas. Click here a complete brand list and for more information on how to map your visit. 


L to R: Marcha Ballerina, Pas De Rouge, ROC Boots Australia


FN PLATFORM Women’s Footwear will live with women’s fashion apparel at PROJECT WOMENS and STITCH in the North Hall

AUSTRALIA: Activ, Candy Pop, Charlie Stone Shoes, Lorella, Reva/ Orthotica, ROC Boots Australia, Rollie Nation, Silent D AUSTRIA: FIDELIO Austrian Ooslgn, Nextknit Socks, Paul Green, Vital, Vital Made In Austria BRAZIL: ACTIVITTA, Ala*, Beira Rio Conforto, Carrano, Cartago, Grendene, Grendha, Ipanema, Modare Ultra Conforto, Moleca, Offline, Pegada, Petite Jolie, Renata Mello, Rider Sandals, Schutz, Suzana Santos, Vicenza, Vizzano, Zatz*, Zaxy CANADA: Apres by Lamo, Black Suede Studio, Bos & Co, Coloko, Cougar, Eureka, Happy Walking, Kamik, Kendall & Kylie, LAMO, Pajar, Storm By Cougar, Unity In Diversity, Wool CHINA: Lemonade*, Uniqers COLOMBIA: Silvia Cobos, Sergio Tomani, Tahi Shoes DENMARK: Henriette Steffensen, Ilse Jacobsen Hornbaek, Ivylee Copenhagen, Rosemunde Copenhagen, Shoe The Bear, Wolky FRANCE: Arche, Canal Saint Martin, Lacoste, Mephisto, Mobils Ergonomic, Nature Is Future, Pataugas, SANO, TORPEDO GERMANY: Romika, Rovers, Scotch & Soda Footwear, Superset, Think!, Worishofer GREECE: Veneti Shoes HOLLAND: Loints Of Holland HONG KONG: Regarde Le Ciel, Rag & Co INDIA: Aria & Nica, Bahamas, Black Tulip, Tao Paris ISRAEL: BeautiFeel, JAFA, Jerusalem Sandals, Marcha Ballerina ITALY: A.S.98, Amalfi By Rangoni, Ash, Butter, Golo, iMac, Miz Mooz, P448, Pas De Rouge, Rangoni America, Rapisardi, Something Bleu, StoneFly, The Flexx, Thierry Rabotin, Thierry Rabotin Couture, TR1, Valentina Rangoni, Voile Blanche JAPAN: U-Dot KOREA: Greenlyte, X-Sole MEXICO: Brand X Huaraches, Regina Romero NETHERLANDS: B52 By BullBoxer, BullBoxer NEW ZEALAND: Ziera POLAND: Daniello, Glamoursy PORTUGAL: Asportuguesas, Brusque, CASTA, Cloud Footwear, SUAVE ROMANIA: Aliss, MOJA, Papucei SPAIN: Alma En Pena, Art, Art & Neosens, Ateliers, Ateliers Collection, Bibi Lou, Camper, Chie, Chie Mihara, Chocolat Blu, Coolway, Dorking, El Naturalista, ETHEM, Fluchos, GIAMO, Halsa Footwear, Hinia, Hispanitas, Homers, IGOR, Joma Sport, Kanna, Lola Cruz, Macarena, Marian, Musse & Cloud, Neosens, New Rock Shoes, S.L, Pedro Anton Shoes, Pertini, Picon, Pikolinos, Pinaz, Plakton, PONS, Ras, Sacha London, Sophie Laurent, Toni Pons, TOP3, Verbenas, Victoria, Wanda Panda, Wonders SWEDEN: Allan K., ANGKAN, Bird Of Flight, Calou Stockholm, Popol Huh, Swedish Hasbeens, Vagabond Shoemakers SWITZERLAND: Remonte, Rieker “Antistress” TURKEY: Bueno, DOGO, Esse, La Pinta, Maison Si, Molly Bessa, Venus UNITED KINGDOM: Da Bella, Db Wider Fit Shoes, Easy B, Fly London, Hongboshoes, Hunter Boot, Irregular Choice, Laidback London, Padders, Roscomar Ltd, Ruby Shoo, Saira Shoes, Softino’s, Ted Baker London, United Nude

* Located at FN PLATFORM Fast Fashion Footwear which will sit along with the trend apparel of WWDMAGIC in South Hall 

FN PLATFORM International Brands Men's

L to R: Voile Blanche, Pegada


FN PLATFORM Men’s Footwear, Outdoor and Dual-Gender brands will stand within men’s apparel at PROJECT and MAGIC MENS in the Central Hall

AUSTRALIA: Activ, Rollie Nation  AUSTRIA: Fidelio Austrian Ooslgn, Nextknit Socks, Vital,  Vital Made In Austria  BRAZIL: Pegada, Rider Sandals  CANADA: Apres by Lamo, LAMO,  Pajar,  Unity In Diversity  CHINA: Uniqers  DENMARK: Shoe The Bear  FRANCE: Allrounder, Arche, Canal Saint Martin, Lacoste, Mephisto, Mobils Ergonomic, Nature Is Future, Pataugas,  SANO, Torpedo  GREECE: Fantasy Sandals  GERMANY: Giant Footwear,  Ganter,  Giesswein, Haflinger, Jan “N” Hank, Josef Seibel, Rovers, Scotch & Soda Footwear, Supersoft, Think!  HOLLAND: Loints of Holland  INDIA: Bahamas  ISRAEL: Jerusalem Sandals ITALY: Ash, Imac, P448, StoneFly, Voile Blanche JAPAN: U-Dot  KOREA: AIRARCH Insole, Azul, Cavallo, Codice, Greenlyte, K-Shoes, Less, Stare, X-Sole  MEXICO: Brand X Huaraches  NETHERLANDS: B52 by Bullboxer, Bullboxer  POLAND: Daniello  PORTUGAL: Aportuguesa, Brusque, Cloud Footwear  ROMANIA: Aliss SPAIN: Art, Art & Neosens, Camper, Coolway, El Naturalista, Faluchos, Gaimo, Joma Sport, Jose Real, Mezlan, Neosens, New Rock Shoes, S.L, Plakton, PONS, Toni Pons, Verbenas, Victoria  SWEDEN: Popol Vuh, Vagabond Shoemakers  SWITZERLAND: Rieker “Antistress”  TURKEY: DOGO, Dr. Jell’s, Esse, Gutteri, Komcero, Sepol, Sigotto Uomo, Vellapais UNITED KINGDOM: DB Wider Fit Shoes, Fly London, Hunter Boot, Irregular Choice, Padders, Roscomar Ltd,  Softino’s, Ted Baker London, United Nude  


FN PLATFORM International Brands Children's

L to R: Tadpoles, Kamik, Naturino

FN PLATFORM Children's 

FN PLATFORM Children’s Footwear will live alongside children’s apparel in the Central Hall

AUSTRALIA: Activ, Cool Chic, Surefit, Tadpoles BRAZIL: Grendene Kids, Grenada, Ipanema, Kidy, Molekinha, Molekinho, Rider Sandals, Zaxy CANADA: Apres by Lamo, Kamik, LAMO, Oomphies, Pajar FRANCE: Lacoste GERMANY: Haflinger, Supersoft INDIA: Aria & Nica, Bahamas, Tao Paris ITALY: Falcotto, Naturino, P448, W6YZ ISRAEL: Marcha Ballerina JAPAN: Tsukihoshi KOREA: Azul, Cavallo, X-Sole, Greenlyte, Kong Kong Land MEXICO: Elefante Rojo NEATHERLANDS: B52 By Bullboxer, Bullboxer POLAND: Glamoursy Kids SPAIN: Camper, Jomo Sport, Plakton, PONS, Toni Pons, Victoria TURKEY: DOGO, Esse, Vicco UNITED KINGDOM: Hunter Boots, Irregular Choice