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June 6, 2018

New textile and design destinations to explore at SOURCING at MAGIC | August 2018

Posted at 5:45 PM

Are you a designer looking to source new textiles and innovative technologies? SOURCING AT MAGIC has you covered. Learn more about "The Fabric Zone" and "The Denim District" below, two new show areas to inspire your next collections.

The Fabric Zone


Fabric    Fabric 2

The Fabric Zone @ SOURCING AT MAGIC brings you an array of premier mills and design-related suppliers from around the globe. This showcase features a variety of fabric collections and design services of the highest caliber. Whether you’re looking for prints, fibers, accessories, service providers or inspiration for your upcoming collection, the Fabric Zone has you covered.

Featured Exhibitors include:

L.A. Dye & Print, Inc. | Eclat Textiles | Carr Textile | Trim City Industrial Co.,Ltd. | Yoke Sine Enterprise Co., Ltd | Dara, Inc. | HI-TEC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. | Huge-Bamboo Enterprise Co., Ltd. | Textiles Lafayette S.A.S | GTC (Gyeonggi Textile Center) | Prym Fashion USA | CBF Labels Inc. | ID Orient Ltd. | Sina Textile Co., Ltd | Fabric Selection Inc. | Evergreen Embroidery Limited | HANGZHOU BOFENG IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD | Zhejiang International Trade & Exhibition Co., Ltd. | HWA JONG LABEL MFG. CO., LTD. | MING TONG GOLD-FILLED ZIPPER (HK) LIMITED + more.

Trend and color galleries:

Sustainable Textile Trend Display
Looking for eco-conscious textiles, accessories, and trimmings but not sure where to start? Taiwan’s sustainable textiles not only emphasize functional features, but also stress ergonomic cuts and fashion trends to ensure comfort, safety, and health. Attendees are welcome to explore this trend display to learn more from the Taiwan Textile Federation.

“Square One” Trend Gallery
Presented in a unique setting by Fashion Snoops, SQUARE ONE is an open environment for innovation and experimentation intended to inform, connect and inspire attendees. Community members are encouraged to interact and share ideas with the innovators, artists and creators and immerse themselves in the influence of the cultural trends shaping the world around them.

Pantone Color Lounge
Attendees get front-row access to Pantone's full lineup of color products for the fashion industry in a refined lounge on the show floor.

Morphew Vintage Gallery
Morphew Vintage is back with their inspirational vintage archives. Attendees can discover pieces to best inspire their next shape concepts, prints and embellishments. New this August – A “master class” will be hosted on the show floor that will showcase a live demonstration recycling vintage pieces including Morphew’s in-house atelier.




Denim distric    Denim District 2

SOURCING AT MAGIC will also bring back “The Denim District”, a newly defined show location that features premium denim manufacturers, indigo trend galleries, and curated samplings of the latest wash techniques from laundries around the world. This season, Ningbo China-Younger International Trading Inc. and Guangzhou Yixiang Trading Co., Ltd are among the leading mills within the Denim District.

Denim Trend Galleries
These trend galleries will introduce product proposals from fiber companies, fabric mills, garment manufacturers, and technology developers from around the world. New technology innovations are presented for the production of denim, including unique fibers that companies have developed to increase functionality and implement sustainable washes and garment finishes. Attendees will be introduced to the latest advances in machinery and chemical processing as well. Newly added for August is an installation by Mexican artist Michelle Ganane, who will be painting on Denim jackets live on the show floor.

Film Screening of RiverBlue 
Can Fashion Save the planet? A special screening of the documentary, 'RiverBlue' will be hosted at the show to align with the season's focus on sustainability. The documentary touches on the impact the fashion industry has on the health of our depleting river systems. After the screening, attendees are invited to attend a special panel discussion denim featuring industry veterans Adriano Goldschmeid, Alex Penades (Jeanologia), Adam Taubenfligel (Tiarchy) and Francois Gribaud (Marithe & Francois Girbaud). Executive producer for 
'RiverBlue', Roger Williams, joins the panel as the keynote speaker.

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