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Lee Rosenbaum

Show Director

(212) 600-3223


Taleen Feredjian

Sales Manager

(212) 600 - 3369


Renata Levin

Show Manager

(212) 600-3088


Jody Faro

Sales Manager

(212) 600-3352


Sharon Lee Barbosa

Sales Manager, Footwear

(310) 857-7657


Nicole Niland

Sales Coordinator

(212) 600-3214


Virginia Zingone

European Sales Manager

ITALY: +39 339-43 57 953


Erin Mcdonald

Marketing Coordinator

(310) 857-7611


Don Pietranczyk

Sr. Marketing Manager

(212) 600 - 3097


Sara Simonow

Sr. Social Media Manager

(203) 663 - 7820


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Freeman - Contracted Exhibitor FAQ

I am a contracted exhibitor. How do I register my staff for their badges?

Once you have paid in full for your booth space, the main contact on your account will receive an email containing a link to the badge registration site. The main contact must register all booth staff for their exhibitor badges. They will be able to make staff additions or edits through the registration link. Once registered, they will receive an email confirmation as well as be able to send confirmations to their staff. Bring these confirmations with you to the show to expedite badge printing.

How do I make changes to my exhibitor account?

Please contact your Account Executive to make any changes to your account, including address, main contact or company name.

Who should I contact regarding ordering, shipping, drayage, rentals, a custom booth?

Please contact the Freeman Exhibitor Service Center at (201) 299-7575 or email FreemanNewYorkES@freemanco.com.

How do I order electrical or catering for my booth?

Please refer to The Javits Center order forms located in your Exhibitor Kit, or Click Here to place orders.

Where do I ship my merchandise and crates?

Whenever possible, ship in advance to the Freeman Warehouse. Follow the instructions for Advance Shipping located in your Exhibitor Kit. Be sure to use the labels provided in your Exhibitor Kit, and clearly write the name of your company and booth number on all packages. Please pay attention to dates and always refer to your Exhibitor Kit for all detailed shipping information.

How can I purchase liability insurance?

Contact your insurance provider to add the event, UBM Americas and the contention center in which you’ll be exhibiting. Buy your insurance using the same name you gave us on your exhibit space contract as the “exhibiting company”. If that name is different from your corporate name, then please list it as a DBA (doing business as). Insurance will only cover the specific show in which it was purchased.

Where do I store all of my empty crates, cartons and cases?

All shipping containers must be removed from the exhibit floor before the show opens. If you wish for your empties to be removed and stored, please request “EMPTY” storage labels at the Exhibitor Service Desk. Complete the storage labels, attach them to your empties and leave your boxes outside your space. Boxes will be removed at the end of day during move-in and returned at show close.

What if I have a medical emergency and need medical attention in my booth?

Stop anyone with a radio and staff badge or a security guard, and let them know the situation. They will be able to contact our on-site EMT.

What type of security is provided on-site?

There is peripheral security during the show. However, you are responsible for the security of your individual booth and its contents. We recommend that you secure your booth by hiring an overnight security guard, not leaving one-of-a-kind samples, expensive jewelry, or small items unattended at any time, carrying a detailed list of all your products, and closing off your booth at the end of each day.

Who do I contact if I have questions or need assistance on-site during setup?

There will be Show Management Floor Managers, along with Freeman Concierge personnel, on the show floor at all times. Get to know them! They are available to help and assist exhibitors. If they cannot help you, they will direct you to the correct Account Representative. If you have questions regarding your booth set-up and/or fixtures please visit the Freeman Exhibitor Service Desk located on the show floor.

I have a question that hasn’t been answered. Who can I ask?

For general show information, please email cs@ubmfashion.com, or call (877) 554-4834; International: +1 (218) 740-6387.

  • For general show information, please email cs@ubmfashion.com, or call (877) 554-4834; International: +1 (218) 740-6387.
  • For questions on your account, payment, booth guidelines, booth number, etc. please contact your Account Executive listed above.
  • For info on ordering, shipping, drayage, rentals, etc. please contact the Freeman Exhibitor Service Center at (201) 299-7575 or FreemanNewYorkES@freemanco.com.