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August 7, 2017

FOOTWEAR @ Coterie | Brands To Watch

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Inspired by the resilient streets of Brooklyn, New York, BED|STÜ opened for business in a small Los Angeles warehouse in 1995. We believe in taking our time to create products that are as individual as those who wear them. We buck the trend of mass production to ensure our products are made the right way, honoring the cobbler and the craft. We will not compromise quality. Our unapologetic line of footwear and accessories we make is like each member of the BED|STÜ Family: Genuine, Unique, Imperfect.

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Spanish Footwear brand specialized in young women’s footwear that is in line with today’s trends. BibiLou is feminine, unique and chic while offering comfortable styles to strut in all day long.


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The brand's concept is gender-less, age-less and border-less. Suitable for any generation, nationality and gender, we hope to create products with a clear message from TOKYO. While respecting the long history and culture, we continue to innovate and create new styles that seems [ basic but yet never seen before]. Using unique color combinations and innovative materials to create everyday wearable keep- sakes that have a nostalgic sense in this new modern lifestyle. Collections are shown in exhibition at Tokyo, Milan and New York to "people who love freedom" around the world. With much love, Chaka.


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Ciao Mao was founded in 2007 by the designer Priscila Callegari from a depth questioning about the fashion industry, the reach of design and the role of a contemporary brand. Although there is a large amount of existing offers of shoes and accessories, we are subjected to imposed and uncomfortable options, standard solutions that massify and disrespect us.  We believe it is possible to see and change the world through original design! Design is not just shape, it’s a way of seeing and acting in the world. Designing footwear, accessories and more, to establish ties and ways to inspire personal and collective well-being.


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Hudson was founded in East London in 1990 and is still based in Hoxton, where all of our shoes and boots are designed. While Hudson shoes are now worn all over the world, our irreverent attitude towards fashion, and idiosyncratic blend of tradition and modernity, come straight from the streets of our home city. Whether it’s music, art, style icons or film, there’s always inspiration to be found. Often imitated, never rivalled, we strive to innovate, surprise and push boundaries in footwear design.




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Founded in 1918, Kennel and Schmenger binds its proud tradition of shoemaking with a reliable, handcrafted and contemporary zeitgeist manufacture. As a testament to its quality, today, Kennel and Schmenger is one of the last remaining locally produced shoe factories in all of Germany. Kennel & Schmenger’s distinct style has elevated them to become a premium brand, which is hallmarked by the collections’ ability to offer a large variety of styles, from casual to elegant, that conveys both a natural attraction and a desired nonchalance.


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Klub Nico is a brand of Ipanema, Inc. a Northern California-based company founded by Kelley A. Lehner in 2005. She seeks to provide the modern woman with footwear that converges unique style, comfort and value. Her designs lift the confidence a woman encouraging her to put her best foot forward in a shoe that speaks femininity and sophistication. Each shoe is manufactured using a combination of traditional craftsmanship and the latest technology in shoe making. Klub Nico offers superior quality that brings together a blend of mixed materials., fresh silhouettes, and bold unexpected colors. Make a statement with our playful flirty designs, and express your love for shoes by joining the Klub!



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Maria Jesus Gozalbo inherited from his father the passion for the world of shoes and the legacy of creating a signature brand that was the materialization of his dreams. LOLA CRUZ was born, continuing the tradition and history of a family dedicated to the footwear industry and lovers of the world of fashion. We are committed to the most trendy Made in Spain designs. We like to listen and respond to the needs and desires of a modern, independent and sophisticated woman.



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To Nagatani’s way of thinking elegance is achieved by humility coupled with excellence in production. Individuality, is the representation of each’s values.The aim behind Nagatani’s products is to bring forward each woman’s individual elegance, and appreciation of quality by appearing as an item that becomes a constant companion.Nagatani does not follow trends, or attempt to make items that represent them. Rather than temporary fashion, Nagatani seeks to emphasise the original elegance within a woman, and to support her individuality and style. Nagatani handbags allow the realisation of true beauty.



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