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May 19, 2017


Posted at 11:38 AM

You've seen them before, but they are back and better then ever this season. We are highlighting some of the brands that we know and love that you will be lucky enough to shop at POOLTRADESHOW & THE COLLECTIVE this August in Las Vegas! 

Distortion is a fashion expression of the swagger and vibe of today's youth. Inspired by many but defined by none, Distortion draws from the music scene, it's festivals along with the active influence of the West Coast surf and Skate scene. Distortion represents the irrepressible spirit that comes with youth and the fashion sense embodied within. 

Find Distortion at THE COLLECTIVE


ASTALI has been a part of the POOL family for more than five years. But, what most of you don't know is that while women's is the core of their portfolio, they also have a fantastic line of men's leather bracelets and brass cufflinks. At ASTALI their foundation is built based on this: wearing something totally unique evokes a certain sense of satisfaction - you are the only person in the world who's got it. That's why they craft all of their pieces by hand with natural and re-purposed materials. Each piece varies slightly from the next, each piece is your own. 



Bioworld has always been a favorite within THE COLLECTIVE family, and we love that they are back for another season. They are the pop-culture product experts, their licensed collections embody bold, daring designs that redefine personal expression. With over 120 dedicated designers, they design the best in licensed apparel, sleepwear, headwear, bags and accessories. They specialize in the brand management, design, sales and distribution of the world's greatest entertainment brands. Bioworld is the global leader in delivering innovative products to all levels of retail distribution.

Find Bioworld at THE COLLECTIVE 


MNKR's Designer, Matt Fellows, is an independent designer and illustrator making t-shirts, enamel pins, and posters under the moniker MNKR. The brand's designs are born out of his love for design which he found when he was just 10 years old. To put it in his words, "MNKR in effect is me...on a t-shirt." With reference to pop-culture, travel, phrases, or just words to live by, we can't get enough of MNKR's simplistically rad designs, most of which are all black and white. 



For over 12 years, IMANI UOMO has been a  wholesaler for men's accessories. Located in the heart of the Fashion District in Los Angeles, you will find a huge selection of men's neckties, bow ties, dress shirts, vests and scarves. They have almost everything your little heart desires when it comes to men's accessories. 



Back for their 3rd season at POOTLRADESHOW, Civil Standard hits close to home both figuratively and literally. The brand allows you to show your pride for your hometown or state by flying its colors on a hat, flag, or pennant. Civil Standard exists to explore the concept of identity. The brand thinks a lot about what unites us and divides us as Americans; about what it means to be from one part of the country versus another; and about how the mores of distinct American geographies shape not only us as individuals, but also our views of the world and of each other.

Find Civil Standard at POOLTRADESHOW