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June 26 2017

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A Quick Q + A with Bill Blass' Chris Benz

Find out what the Creative Director of Bill Blass has in store for the iconic American label.
Posted at 3:42 PM
June 23 2017

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Just Buds®, founded by husband and wife team Mike and Laurie Bornstein in 2015, was born out of their desire to share their passion for fashion, footwear, travel and...

Posted at 12:31 PM
June 20 2017

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Footwear Trend Direction – Spring | Summer 2018

We’ve partnered with trend forecaster Fashion Snoops to bring you the top Spring/Summer 2018 footwear trends for women's, men's and children's. Plan your buy with the must-have colors, materials, and...
Posted at 12:12 PM
June 8 2017

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Shoes Gone Social this August at MAGIC!

Who are the masters of the hashtag, the purveyors of brand identity, and are always rockin' a captivating story?  These brands, that's who. Take a look at the...

Posted at 5:42 PM